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about wendy

Wendy is a contemporary landscape painter working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Wendy started painting alleys in response to a deep and all encompassing grief after witnessing her mother’s death. Numb and heartsick, she would spend hours wandering back alleys looking for connection between mind and heart, as well as a reprieve from the blackness of grief.

In painting these spaces that she wandered, Wendy seeks to honour the places that had provided a burial ground for her most painful emotions. Wendy’s early work was reflexive - an artistic reproduction of the physical space and generally empty of emotion just as she found herself to be. Stark, in black and white, devoid of emotion and colour nuance.

Recently, Wendy has moved from painting in black and white to working with luminous acrylic paints. Her landscapes have transformed into fully saturated, blindingly bright luminous landscapes. These landscapes include alleys, street fronts, and rural buildings painted from her own source materials as well as those discovered in digital photograph archives. The spaces that Wendy paints are spaces that were loved, are still loved, captured in bright colour that is inspired by the people and places in her own life.

Wendy was an artist in residence from 2019-2020 with the City of Saskatoon's Artists in Place: The Bunkhouse Project, and her work has been exhibited at Chapel Gallery (North Battleford), 330g (Saskatoon), St. Thomas Moore Gallery (Saskatoon), The Gallery at Frances Morrison Central Library (Saskatoon), and the Saskatchewan Craft Council (Saskatoon).