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Wendy is a contemporary landscape painter based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada




Wendy found solace in her art after the profound loss of her mother. Overwhelmed by grief, she sought refuge in the quiet alleys, spending hours there, seeking a connection between her mind and heart—a respite from the darkness that enveloped her.

In her paintings, Wendy pays homage to these very alleys—the places that cradled her deepest emotions. Initially, her work reflected her pain: stark, monochromatic reproductions of the physical spaces that mirrored her own reality. These early pieces lacked joy, devoid of color nuance.

Over time, Wendy’s landscapes transformed. They now burst forth in fully saturated brilliance—luminous scenes capturing alleys, street fronts, and rural buildings.

Wendy continues to refine her approach and process with mentorship by Canadian visual artist Marie Lannoo. This relationship started via the Canadian Artists' Representation/Le front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) Saskatchewan Mentorship Program (2017 - 2018) and continues to this day in a professional artistic capacity.


After successfully completing her CARFAC mentorship, Wendy was selected as one of the five inaugural artists with the City of Saskatoon's Artists in Place: The Bunkhouse Project (2019-2020.)

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